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A shooter game about joining game systems together. Join game systems like health, speed, shooting rate, and more to either the red or blue bar and try to beat the level with them! Intertwine game systems in unusual and challenging combinations while keeping track of how full your blue and red bars are!


Mouse: Drag and drop blocks to bars at the beginning of each level

[WASD] keys: Move

Mouse: Aim and shoot

Created for the GMTK Game Jam 2021


Created by: Tamiko Tadeo (@D5R), Kenny Cheung (@Kenny388), Christopher Wong (@Wonglee)

Known bugs as of late: 

  • Levels 3 and 4 were accidentally swapped on the latest upload, whoops!
  • [INV] Block can be a bit difficult to detach. Try detatching it from the rightmost edge of the block.
  • Forgot to make sure that the final level goes back to the level select page. You've finished the game if you encounter this bug, congrats! (You can press escape to go back to the level select screen).
  • Fire rate block mistakenly says that the bar gets reduced each time you take damage. That should only show up on the health bar and there are no bar effects for the fire rate.
  • Some players have expressed that touching the treasure box shouldn't damage them. This is completely intentional and definitely not a time-limitation feature. Nope, totally intended.


BAR_GMTK_2021_Ver_0.2_Win.zip 19 MB

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